Basic Scout Knots

8 basic knots that all Scouts should know.
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Square (or Reef) Knot

The Reef knot or Square knot
is an ancient and simple binding
knot used to secure a rope
or line around an object.
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Sheet Bend

The Sheet Bend is a bend
that joins two ropes together.
It is also effective in binding
lines of different diameter or
rigidity securely together.
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The Bowline is used to make
a temporary loop at the end
of a line. It is also used as a
rescue knot as the loop will
not tighten when tied.
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Clove Hitch

The Clove Hitch is commonly
used to start a lashing. But can
also be used to attach a rope
to a pole.
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Sheep Shank

The Sheep Shank is primerily
used to temporarily shorten a
piece of rope. It can also be
used to isolate a weakened or
damaged section of rope.
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Two Half Hitches

This is a reliable and useful knot
for attaching a rope to a pole or
boat mooring. As it's name
suggests, it is two half hitches,
one after the other.
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Taut-Line Hitch

The Taut-Line Hitch is an
adjustable loop knot for use on
lines under tension. It is useful
when the length of a line will
need to be periodically adjusted
in order to maintain tension.
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Timber Hitch

The Timber Hitch is used for
fastening a rope around a spar or
log to be hoisted or towed.
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