FAQ's about Scouting and Troop 81

Q: Do you have both boy and girl troops?
A: Yes. Both use 0081 as their number. Each is their own troop but chooses to work together on most things.

Q: What is a unit?
A: Another name for Troop or Pack

Q: What is our Council and District?
A: Council is Cradle of Liberty in Philadelphia. District is the Washington District in Valley Forge.

Q: Who is our Chartered Organization?
A: Lehman Memorial United Methodist Church

Q: How are Scouts structured?
A: 1: Troop 81 voting for Scout Leader positions are held every September.
    2: Scouts are assigned to a patrol of 5-10 scouts, but we try to keep it at 8. The Patrol Leader is elected to lead, teach and bring the patrols ideas     to the Patrol Leaders Council (PLC). Ideally, patrols meet once a month outside of the Troop meeting. Patrol Leaders will choose an Assistant     Patrol Leader to help.
    3: The Senior Patrol is comprised of the Senior Patrol Leader, Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders, Troop Guide and the Junior Assistant Scoutmaster.
    *The Senior Patrol Leader is like the CEO of the troop and like all troop officers, are elected by the Troop. They are responsible for running the     Patrol Leaders Council as well as the Troop meeting.
    *The Assistant Senior Patrol leader helps the Senior Patrol leader with their job. We try to have 1 Assistant Patrol Leader for every Patrol.
    *The Troop Guide is a senior Scout who is appointed by the Scoutmaster. Their job is to guide new Scouts in the Cross Over Patrol in March.     They act as their Patrol Leader until they elect one of their own. They help them develop the skills needed to become a good patrol and good     Scouts.
    *The Junior Assistant Scoutmaster is a Scout who has obtained the rank of Eagle and has not turned 18. They must also have held the position of     Senior Patrol Leader and Troop Guide and is appointed by the Scoutmaster. Their job is to help the Scoutmasters with the Senior Patrol.

Q: What is the Patrol Leaders Council?
A: The PLC is comprised of all the Patrol Leaders, the Senior Patrol and other officers of the Troop. They meet once a month with the Scoutmasters     to plan the next month's meetings and camping trips

Q: Are there adults helping the Scouts?
A: Yes, the Charter Representative, the Troop Committee, the Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters.
    * The Chartered Organization Representative (COR) is the direct contact between the unit and the Chartered Organization.
    * The Troop Committee is comprised of volunteers, mostly family, primary responsibility is supporting troop leaders in delivering quality program     and handling troop finances, fundraising, and communications (website, social media, etc.).
    * The Scoutmaster’s responsible for training and guiding youth leaders in the operation of the troop, and for managing, training, and supporting his     or her assistant Scoutmasters in their role.
    *Assistant Scoutmaster is an adult leader over the age of 18 who helps the Scoutmaster deliver the promise of Scouting. They may be directed by     the Scoutmaster to assist in skills instruction and adult assistance with delivering the troop program. Duties may overlap or assist with roles in the     Troop Committee.

Q: How does a Scout advance towards Eagle?
A: The first thing you need is a Scouting Handbook. This will be the only book he will need outside of Merit Badge books. The handbook has all the     information the Scout needs for advancement from Scout though Eagle. When they complete an item, they need to seek out their     Scoutmaster/Assistant Scoutmaster and have them sign off on it. Most requirements are done on camping trips therefore the more the Scout goes     on, the faster they advance. Merit badges are required for advancement after First Class. There are over 100 merit badges a Scout can select     from. There are 21 total merit badges needed for Eagle of which 13 are required. A Scout can work on the requirements for Scout, Tenderfoot,     Second Class, and First Class at the same time, however they must complete ranks in progression. (You can't get Second Class before     Tenderfoot, and with separate Scoutmaster Conferences and Boards of Review, even if done on the same day).

Q: My child has all the requirements signed except for a Scoutmaster Conference and Board of Review. What are those
A: After the Scout has successfully completed the requirements for each rank, they then have their Scoutmaster Conference during which they talk     about the Scouts likes and dislikes of Scouting, what they would like to see happen in the troop, how they are doing in school, and what (at this     stage of their life) their goals are. Then they go before the Board of Review. At this time, they generally will just be talking with the Scout about     their experiences with Scouting and what they’ve learned about themselves through scouting. There are no right/wrong answers, they are not there     to grill the Scout on their requirements. Once they pass, they are then awarded the Rank at the next Court of Honor.

Q: What is a Court of Honor (COH)?
A: We hold them 3 times a year. This is a small ceremony where parents, relatives, friends and fellow scouts gather to support those who have     advanced (ranked up) or earned merit badges since the last Court of Honor.

Q: What do I need for camping trips?
A: You should pack the Handbook, mess kit, two pairs of socks, a change of clothes, a flashlight with spare batteries, toothpaste and brush, rain gear     (ponchos are good but please don't buy the dollar specials as they don't last. Spend the money to get a quality one that will last a long time) and     sleeping bag. NO FOOD OF ANY TYPE OR SUGARY DRINKS ARE PERMITTED TO BE PACKED. If meds are needed, they MUST be     given to the Scoutmaster prior to departing clearly labeled with instructions and the Scouts name. When cold weather comes, we will send a Cold     Weather Packing list to all. We travel in our Class A uniforms with waterproof boots. NO SNEAKERS.

Q: What are the different Scout Class uniforms?
A: Class A is a tan Shirt, Scout hat, Troop neckerchief, slide, Scout pants, Scout Belt and their Scouting Handbook.
    Class B uniform (also known as an Activity Uniform) is a customized troop t-shirt.

Q: How much do camping trips cost?
A: Usually just $15.00 for food. On some trips (i.e. rafting) the cost is more to pay for the activity. We usually will camp at Scout Reservation camps     because the cost is lower, however when we do have to stay at a state park or a private camp, then the increased costs are shared by the Troop     and the Scout.

Q: What do I pay for my child joining Scouts?
A: Our registration and dues are $85.00 for the first scout, $65.00 for the second scout, $50 for the third scout a year due in December. This pays     for insurance, Boys Life Magazine and Councils dues.If they are crossing over from Cub Scouts, there is only a $1.00 transfer fee for the first year.

Q: What is troop fundraising?
A: The Troop holds fundraisers throughout the year. Most of them go straight to the Scout. The more he/she sells, the more they have in their account     to pay for BSA Scout stuff and BSA activities. They can use the money to cover the cost of summer camp or our special trips.

Q: When and where are Troop meetings?
A: Every Monday night in Fellowship Hall at the Lehman Memorial United Methodist Church in Hatboro. We meet from 7:30pm to 9:00pm.     Uniforms and handbooks are required.

Q: How do I know what is going on with the troop?
A: 1: If you are a troop member, log into Scoutbook.com and check the events calendar.
    2: An email of updates is sent every week with information that you and your Scout needs. That email will also be posted on the Troop website.
    3: Check the Calendar on the Troop website.

Q: What if I need more info than is in this FAQ?
A: Please email either Scoutmaster at jswan1770@gmail.com or trish.strauss1@verizon.net

Thank You
James Swan & Trish Strauss
Scoutmasters Troops 81